The Car Wash Association (CWA) held an event in the House of Commons hosted by Rt Hon Phillip Dunne MP on 30 November 2021 to publish the ‘UK Car Wash Market Report 2021’. This was attended by the Directors of the principal enforcement agencies including the Director for the Labour Market Enforcement, the National Crime Agency, the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner and the Director of the Gangmasters and the Labour Abuse Authority.

Following extensive lobbying, the CWA has welcomed the National Crime Agency’s announcement to direct greater focus on non-compliant hand car washes (HCWs) to crackdown on modern slavery.

This new direction resulted in “Operation Aident”, a project run by the National Crime Agency, to tackle modern slavery and human trafficking. The operation ran for three weeks, from 6 to 26 June, across counties in England and Wales and has resulted in 44 victims of modern slavery in Gwent being rescued from their circumstances.

Brian Madderson, CWA Consultant, said ‘The CWA and its members are extremely satisfied to note an early success of the project. CWA will continue to raise public awareness about modern slavery, an unfortunately common occurrence at non-compliant car washes that dominate 80% of the car wash market with the notable exception of the branded HCW networks. To help eradicate this scourge, consumers can play their part by making informed choices as to where they get their car washed. The “SafeCarWash App”, that is available from the App store, is a very useful tool to assist motorists in differentiating between non-compliant and law-abiding HCWs”.

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The Car Wash Association represents the major car wash operators and manufacturers of car washing equipment and suppliers.

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The Car Wash Association was originally established in 2007 by wash operators and industry suppliers and is now officially incorporated as part of the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI).